The great Nintendo switch

Jump in your Mario Kart, keep your Goldeneye on the ball, and Pokemon Snap up a free game or Tooie.

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Property investors: not as successful as you think

I’m no genius but I’d bet that you read things online – like this article about the 20 year old with 3 investment properties on Domain.

There are plenty of stories where a young gun “investor” has come out of the woodwork, bought multiple properties, and is now an impressive human being. They’ve become wealthier than you, at a younger age than you, and you should feel bad.

The reality is that most of them are a bunch of flamin’ galahs, and more often than not they’ve used mum and dad’s money to get started. In this article we’ll see just how successful they really are.

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New Year, New Blog

G’day, ciggy butt brains!

Welcome to this fully fantastic site featuring fun, facts, and (first and foremost) financial independence – I reckon even the most average muppet can retire early. “Early” does not mean age 60, or even age 50. I am aiming to be financially independent by the time I am 30 years old from just an average income and good decisions – with no inheritance or financial help. F**k yeah.

Some say it’s an entrepreneurial exploration of economics, others call it a mathematical money-making manoeuvre; but most would collectively agree that it’s indeed a preposterous plot to profit.

Read on, fellow bogan, to experience some fair dinkum downright awesome good times.