“O Yamaha, Where Art Thou?” – Part 1

In the deep south of the last page of the classifieds, a hungry bogan searches for hidden treasure while a relentless budget pursues him.

Not unlike the Y2K classic loosely based on Homer’s odyssey, this story will be one ripper of an adventure. Instead of a line of suitors competing to “court” my wife, they will be competing for the deal of the century – unless I can get there first.


Call me Homer

Every time I go shopping for food at Woolworths, or anywhere else where you can withdraw cash, I grab some and stash it away. Depending on how much I’ve spent lately it could be from $10 to $50. This money comes from my food budget and goes straight into “the fund”.

When it’s full, I’ll have reached my goal. While it’s too expensive to buy brand new, I’ll keep an eye out for a second hand one. What am I talking about? Oh, just this:

Can’t bloody afford it yet. But every big ticket item I buy is funded by the motorbike method – that is, slow and steady saving until I reach a goal. This has a few advantages:

  1. Time to cool off; no impulse spending
  2. Time to consider alternatives
  3. Time to hunt around for a good deal
  4. The best part, because I saved such a small amount each time, I don’t even notice that the money’s gone!

So far, I’ve got $240 to put towards this bad boy. Sure, you can save every penny, and even invest that extra money. But life is for living! And I’m getting myself a god damn motorbike.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on ““O Yamaha, Where Art Thou?” – Part 1

  1. That’s a really good way of saving. We are in super savings mode at the moment, so every spare dollar is going into savings but you’re right, it’s important to still go after things you want (are you really sure you want this 😉 ) and you’ve come up with a great way of doing it.


    • I’ve wanted it for months so finally started saving! As long as no one burns my house down, I’ll be set!

      It really is a psychological thing though, as I’m too frugal for my own good – any digital money ends up saved and invested!


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