Fully sick V8 financials

I get around faster than a toupee in a hurricane and I do it in style. My vehicle turns heads and even the police flash their lights at me in respect.

I paid $7,200 for my car, plus about $250 in government charges.

I wanna go fast

I drive about 10,000km per year and am yet to lose a drag race. My fuel usage is similar to that of a small factory; 12L/100km. Yet it costs me less than 10% of what a taxi would.
In a generous year, I’ll spend:

  • $1500 on fuel ($1.25 per litre)
  • $1000 on registration
  • $450 on insurance
  • $550 on service & repairs

That makes for a cool $3,000 in costs each year, or 30 cents per kilometre. That’s the equivalent of 48 cents to the mile, or 40 rods to the hogshead. To catch a cab for a short journey of 5km costs me $20. To drive is only $1.50.

I haven’t included the cost of the car because I could still sell it today for a similar amount. That’s the beauty of owning an Aussie icon.

Yes, cars can be expensive, but they are often cheaper than the alternatives and they give me more freedom. I can’t get jiggy on date night in the back of a taxi. Imagine the cost. And the taxi wouldn’t be cheap either.

How much do you spend on transport?


4 thoughts on “Fully sick V8 financials

  1. I would spend 50:50 on public transport and my car.

    I still drive the second hand car I bought in high school, its been scratched to death replaced parts and still chugging along.

    In saying that I try to take public transport were I can but the freedom of having a car when needed is a must.


  2. Well, luckily or unluckily, we only have 1 car between us and that’s the plan forever. I use public transport to get to work which is (believe it or not) cheaper AND quicker, plus it gives me a lot of spare time to do whatever I want.

    But for our joint car, it’s about the same as yours, though we spend a bit less on petrol over the course of a year.


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  3. sara ٘›Œâ€ŒÚ¯Ù‡:سÙÄŧم لطفا اگه کسی زیرنویس فیلم زندان زنان آمریکایی هر Û³ قسمتشو داره به ایمیلم بفرسته ممنون میشم[]


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