The great Nintendo switch

Jump in your Mario Kart, keep your Goldeneye on the ball, and Pokemon Snap up a free game or Tooie.

I always loved the Nintendo 64 but when I first moved out of home I couldn’t afford one. If I wanted to play my favourite games, I had to Battle for Naboo. I started with the purchase of a bundle from a fella who seemed very Earthbound, he seemed like a Snowboard Kid – I scored a console, controllers and 3 games. I’m not gonna lie, I got a lot of Hang Time out of those games while I had them. But these games weren’t meant for playing, not yet.

I sold each game separately, and then a controller was sold by itself, and then the rest, all before my rent was due. I turned a small profit, I couldn’t Bayleef it! I was Cruisin’ USA, so I did it again. I decided to Bust-A-Move and bought a bundle of 10 games. This time I sold 9 of them individually to break even with a net profit of F-Zero. I kept one for myself which I could still sell if I had a Bad Fur Day.

Slowly but surely I accumulated a collection of games this way. I know it sounds Farfetch’d, but I didn’t even have to Tri and Force the sales. I was In The Zone. People love Nintendo, evidenced by the fact that you’re still reading this.

I now have an entire collection that didn’t cost me anything. Best games ever – no loading screens and no DLC. And all free. Top that.

Hundreds of dollars worth of games that didn’t cost a cent

What’s your favourite video game?


3 thoughts on “The great Nintendo switch

  1. I believe the N64 was one of, if not, the best console ever created. Sometimes the games wouldn’t work but no need to super smash them. Blow on them gently and make sure to do a 1080 and then they would work well.


  2. “He has no style, he has no grace.
    This Kong has a funny face.
    He can handstand when he needs to,
    And stretch his arms out, just for you.
    Inflate himself just like a balloon.
    This crazy Kong just digs this Tune”
    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

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