My Monthly Spend – Feb 2017

Goodness gracious, look at that bank account.

Let’s see what we spent since this time last month.

Rent: $900

Electricity & Gas: $274.29 (quarterly bills)

Supermarket Food: $371.25

Other Food: $61.20

Alcohol: $71

Phone: $60 (two monthly recharges)

Internet: $30

Car Maintenance: $182

Fuel: $46.99

Insurance: $38.39

Discretionary: $109.62 (mostly sports gear)

Total: $2,106


The reason I put this budget together was to see if I was spending too much on food. Turns out I spend $13.77 a day which ain’t too bad! My car, on the other hand, is f**king expensive. All cars are, I suppose.

If we annualise this month’s spend, I’d need an income of $415 a week. If I were to stop buying junk and alcohol, it’s under $400. But let’s not push it.


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