My Monthly Spend – March 2017

Oh no, no no no no.. just look at that bank account.

Let’s see what we spent since this time last month.

Rent: $900

Electricity & Gas: $0 (quarterly bills)

Supermarket Food: $301.14 ($371.25 last month)

Other Food: $208.20 ($61.20 last month)

Alcohol: $17.78 ($71 last month)

Phone: $30 ($60 last month)

Internet: $60 ($30 last month)

Car Maintenance: $0

Fuel & Transport: $379.9 ($46.99 last month)

Health & Insurance: $66.39 ($38.39 last month)

Discretionary: $769.75 ($109.62 last month)

Total: $2703 ($2,106 last month)

The good: I spent less than $20 a day on food.

The bad: I cut down on food from the supermarket because I discovered Uber Eats – hence the spike in take-away food.

I’ve been waiting to switch my phone number from Optus to Telstra for two weeks now. I called them to activate my new sim and followed up every day but it still hasn’t happened; I don’t think they will ever actually do it, so I’m stuck with Optus.

Fuel & Transport costs were up because I had to pay my quarterly car rego.

Discretionary purchases were also up; I bought protective gear (more sports stuff!) and super fancy tickets to the footy at Adelaide Oval. I’m still waiting for old mate to pay me back for those.. maybe next month.


4 thoughts on “My Monthly Spend – March 2017

  1. What sport is killing your spending so much?

    Also get a bike :p In proper bogan style get a motor bike instead of a pedal bike, still going to be half the cost of running a car


    • I tend to just buy everything when I walk into a sports store. I’ve been giving kite surfing a go lately but I’m pretty shit. I have a mountain bike as well; the motorbike that I just bought (as beasty as it is) can’t be registered


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