My Monthly Spend – April 2017

I am officially a millionaire!

April Fools! Okay, let’s see what we spent since this time last month:

Rent: $900

Electricity & Gas & water: $230 (quarterly bills)

Supermarket Food: $311.68 ($301.14 last month)

Other Food: $314.25($208.20 last month)

Alcohol: $73.89 ($17.78 last month)

Phone: $60 ($30 last month)

Internet: $30 ($60 last month)

Car Maintenance: $0

Fuel & Transport: $161.35 ($379.9 last month)

Health & Insurance: $73.39 ($66.39 last month)

Discretionary: $68.37 ($769.75 last month)

Total: $2,179 ($2,703 last month)

The good: for two months in a row, I spent less than $20 a day on food, despite using Uber Eats so much more! Yummo.

Got a big water bill, because I forgot to pay the previous one. Whoops.

Fuel & Transport costs were up because I had to pay my quarterly car rego.

Discretionary purchases were way down, I spent hardly anything on junk this month!

A can of fake snow was instrumental in my April Fool’s prank; I guess I’m just that convincing. Nothing wakes you up like a face full of ice.

Hoo roo. See you in May.


7 thoughts on “My Monthly Spend – April 2017

  1. Looks like you had a hungry boozy month 😀

    Is that $230 across all three bills, or did you only have water this quarter? Because $230 on all three is definitely not big!

    Liking the nice banner picture btw – much more zen than Star Wars


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