My Monthly Spend – May 2017

Birthday prep! This has been my most frugal trip around the sun yet.

My last monthly spend at age 25! Let’s have a look at the ol’ spending account:

Rent: $900 (fixed cost)

Electricity & Gas & Water: $230 (quarterly bills)

Supermarket Food: $239.12 ($311.68 last month)

Other Food: $235.64 ($314.25 last month)

Alcohol: $78 ($73.89 last month)

Phone: $30 (fixed cost)

Internet: $30 (fixed cost)

Car Maintenance: $0 ($0 last month)

Fuel & Transport: $202.14 ($161.35 last month)

Health & Insurance: $52.38 ($73.39 last month)

Discretionary: $334.59 ($68.37 last month)

Total: $2,338 ($2,179 last month)

The good: for THREE months in a row, I spent less than $20 a day on food! This was largely helped by a one-week visit to the desert for work – 5 free meals a day! Combine that with 12 hour days, and it was a good savings week.

Fuel & Transport costs were up because reasons. I caught a few Ubers into town for drinks – I can’t be a hermit all the time! Also, my V8 burns through fuel (16L/100km), maybe I should downsize. This would save me money on fuel and insurance, plus I’d pocket some cash by selling.


Can anyone recommend a good sporty car for under $3K?

Discretionary purchases were up, because I bought some cool lights for my bday party. I also bought a new phone (well, used, only $180) as mine was playing up and I need it functioning for work. The old phone will be sold for – you guessed it – $180.

The bad: I had to pay for annual insurance on one of my properties which isn’t included above – this was around $1200. And then council rates for the other one – $325. What a rip off. I’m warning you now; my savings for June won’t look good.

See you when I’m 26!


2 thoughts on “My Monthly Spend – May 2017

  1. That’s a conundrum. What’s a bogan without a V8? If it really has to go, you’d better create a shrine to its memory somewhere.

    Happy birthday, have a great party!


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