My Monthly Spend – June 2017

Hey, big spender!

Look at that, I’m 26 now but it doesn’t look like I’m any wiser! Let’s have a look at the ol’ piglet bank:

Rent: $1350 (fixed cost – three fortnights this month!)

Electricity & Gas & Water: $0 (quarterly bills)

Supermarket Food: $230 ($239.12 last month)

Other Food: $449.91 ($235.64 last month)

Alcohol: $42.3 ($78 last month)

Phone: $30 (fixed cost)

Internet: $30 (fixed cost)

Car Maintenance: $250 ($0 last month)

Fuel & Transport: $41.58 ($202.14 last month)

Health & Insurance: $47.38 ($52.38 last month)

Discretionary: $303.82 ($334.59 last month)

Total: $2,278 ($2,338 last month)

Sure, this looks good, but it doesn’t include property (investment) costs. I’ve put $1,262 towards selling one property already this month; add this in to the total and we’re looking at an $800 weekly average spend. I have already had one buyer convince me to end the tenant’s lease early to align with settlement, and then pull out of the contract. Ouch. Lesson learned.

The Mrs. took me to Cairns for a surprise birthday gift, so I spent more on takeaway, and at the casino! 50% of the time I won every time. I made a 3000% profit… on a dollar.


Gaming the system in roulette – it’s a thing


I sold my phone for $150 after buying a new second hand one for $180. We’re also in the hunt for a new home – one that’s cheaper! There should be some savings in rent to come.

Also had to pay rego on my fully sick V8 (worth it), and I took my bike in to get fixed. I don’t really want to talk about how that went. Maybe keep an eye out on Gumtree if you’re in the market for a Yamaha.

See you next financial year.


3 thoughts on “My Monthly Spend – June 2017

  1. Very impressive return on your dollar. I’ve never played anything in a casino, because I don’t understand it. I will very occasionally play the pokies, but my maximum spend is… $1.

    I’m interested in you buying and selling your phone 2nd hand. What platform did you use? How do you wipe your phone before selling? Have you ever had a problem with what you bought? (Happy to wait for a post if you wanted to do that.)


  2. Ouch on the buyer pulling out of the contract after you ended the lease with the tenant early. Is your tenant going to stay on until the place is sold or are they looking to get out ASAP?

    We had been living in a place for about 6 months when the owner decided to sell (we had a 12 month contract), we left that place as soon as an offer had been accepted on the house, we were the ones to offer the landlord that they could sell it without a tenant attached (opens up potential buyers).
    I have no idea how long the place was empty, but I was so glad to leave it behind us – living through a house sale as a tenant kind of sucks! I was pretty committed to presenting the house nicely for inspections though – I’m sure a lot of tenants aren’t.

    Happy Birthday too!

    Mrs DDU


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