FY17 Result: Cha-ching!

Let’s get the inside scoop on a bogan’s net worth after a volatile 2017 financial year!

FY16 Closing Net Worth: $43,130

  • Own one property worth $150K, renovated but not revalued
  • Had just paid deposit for second property in late June
  • $135K debt
  • No shares
  • Net income from job: approx $53K

FY17 Closing Net Worth: $94,350

  • Own two properties worth $440K, both renovated and revalued
  • Rental income of $26K
  • $380K debt
  • Share portfolio of approx $27K
  • Dividend income of ~$0.5K
  • Net income from job: approx $52K

Change: +$51,220

This really pisses me off because it’s only just short of a thousand bucks a week.

Most of the gains were from the boost in value of my properties thanks to my tight reno skills. In the end, my net worth increased by 118% from where it was a year ago.

I have certainly lost money on shares this year though – I’m still fine tuning my strategy. I plan to substantially grow my dividend income in FY18 which will be nice, cos I like money.

Stay tuned, big changes are coming.


3 thoughts on “FY17 Result: Cha-ching!

  1. Woah! Look at that net worth charge ahead! Well done on that. You’ve certainly done well on that front. Looking forward to seeing what changes you will bring / blog about in the next Financial Year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Somehow you lost approx $1k net income from your job in the last year and still managed to completely smash it! Looking forward to your FY18 efforts on the shares front. I think you’ll be forever fine-tuning your shares investment strategy though, it’s a never ending learning experience :).

    Mrs DDU


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