Bogan Wealth – July 2017

Good news is just around the corner!

A quick one this month. I’m writing this on my phone since we have no internet at the new place. That’s right, we’ve moved! Downsized – sold lots of stuff via garage sale, and now our rent is cheaper. Yew bewdy.

In the past month, my shares have gone BANG! Outperforming the ASX200 almost every day. Is Don, is good.

I have accepted an offer and signed the contract to sell one of my properties, however I won’t include my change in net worth until the contract is unconditional.

I’m also anticipating a nice tax return (1.4K) and bond refund (1.3K), but these aren’t included since I haven’t got em yet!

Here’s progress:


2 houses on large blocks, still standing. Total value now at $440K with $380K debt. Interest only loans. Equity: $60K (No change)


$25,919 in seven companies plus one LIC. I have received $0 in dividends (which are tracked here) this month(Change: -$6)


$10,336 in an offset account, saving me 4.19% in interest. (Change: +$4045)

Previous net worth: $92,339


Current net worth: $96,379 (+$4,040)

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Things are starting to take shape!

There’s been a bit of a shuffle around with my money lately; rental bonds, tax returns, etc, plus the house sale. It should all even out over the next month or two and my net worth should finally pass 100 g’s.

Here’s hoping!

COUNTDOWN: 47 Months Until I’m 30

It’s now been 38 months since I started investing & my net worth has grown at an average of $2,536 a month (you’ll have to wait until next month for a projection).

This doesn’t include my super, HECS debt, or my fully sick highly collectible V8.

Next up is August – let’s finally crack six figures eh?!


5 thoughts on “Bogan Wealth – July 2017

  1. Oh nice, congrats on the property sale. Did you get the price you were after?

    Will be waiting for the update next month to hopefully see the six figure milestone!


  2. Oh that 100k mark is definitely worth celebrating next month, I’m sure you can hit it! Did you get ready excited and post your July update before July was even over!?

    Fingers crossed that the house sale goes smoothly, congratulations 🙂

    Mrs DDU

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