My Monthly Spend – July 2017

The tale of Snow White and the Seven Dollars.

We found a new home! Our landlord tried to raise our rent, and we refused – they are now struggling to rent it out for less than what we were paying. Moving house ain’t no thang, especially if our landlord doesn’t repair anything – why would I stay?

Anywho, check this out for a sexy monthly spend:

Rent: $1101.88 (includes rent for the new home, plus the final payment for the old one!)

  • Rent is a fixed cost, which has been reduced from $450/fn to $380/fn
  • This will save me $2K a year

Electricity & Gas & Water: $0 (quarterly bills)

  • No more gas connection!
  • Will save ~$0.5K per year in gas supply charges

Supermarket Food: $265.91 ($230 last month)

Other Food: $399.04 ($449.91 last month)

Alcohol: $52.5 ($42.3 last month)

Phone: $30 (fixed cost)

Internet: $59.6 (fixed cost – includes final payment to previous provider)

  • Internet costs are still $30 per month

Car Maintenance: $0 ($0 last month)

Fuel & Transport: $103.35 ($41.58 last month)

Health & Insurance: $77.39 ($47.38 last month)

Discretionary: $108.79 ($303.82 last month)

Total: $2,198 ($2,278 last month)

Nothing more to spend on property this month! I’m finally seeing some cash flow! I also saved money as my own real estate agent, and have already got one property under contract. And I don’t even charge myself a commission.

I’m trying to plan a few holidays; I’m dying to get back to the snow, and I want to surprise the Mrs for her birthday – but I think she wants to be somewhere warmer! Decisions, decisions..


I also held a huge bogan garage sale and got rid of SO MUCH STUFF! The trick is to price everything ridiculously low and it flies off the shelf. I must have made at least seven dollars. And damn, did we own some useless shit. We still do, but we used to, too.

Finally and regrettably, I sold my Yam. I feel sorry for the poor bastard that bought that hand grenade. Hopefully they know what they’re doing, cos I sure as hell didn’t.

In summary: I thought I had spent heaps this month – but it’s still only about $500/week. Honestly – I’ve wasted so much. Yet I’m still saving plenty. Whatever I’m doing, it seems to be working.



3 thoughts on “My Monthly Spend – July 2017

  1. Oh, the sweet, sweet feeling of “suck eggs”! Many years ago when we were looking to buy our house, we put in an offer on one. It had some drainage problems, so we asked for $500 reduction, which they refused. We walked away and 3 months later the price had been droppped by $10,000.

    Congrats on another fantastic month.


  2. I’m with you on the getting rid of stuff. I haven’t done a garage sale because I can’t be effed putting up the signs on the street and waiting around hoping for somebody to turn up. Instead I’ve been putting it up on facebook marketplace which has worked mostly quite well. (except for the no shows, those are annoying). I’ve gotten rid of so much and there’s still so much!!!

    Not having a gas connection – would that mean your electricity bill will go up due to hotplates on the stove and hot water being heated by electricity?

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    • That’s correct! But it’s a smaller place so it’ll cost less to heat – we can also fine tune the temp rather than just having a gas on/off switch. And we should save on gas supply charges.

      We put our garage sale on Gumtree with heaps of free stuff listed – had a crowd waiting outside by 9AM. It worked well!


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