My Monthly Spend – August 2017

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Bills.

Electricity for the old house, electricity for the new house, gas for the old house, water for the old house, water for the new house. No wonder I feel broke.

I have five invoices and no money. Why can’t I have no invoices and five money?

Rent: $760 (was $1101.88 last month)

Electricity & Gas & Water: $728.57 (quarterly bills)

  • Final bills from the last place were a nice kick in the guts
  • Water heater in the new place was leaking for a month – we got a $170 bill for our first ten days’ usage. You better believe I’m making the landlord pay for that.

Supermarket Food: $233.37 ($265.91 last month)

Takeaway & Coffee Other Food: $302.6 ($399.04 last month)

Alcohol: $65.99 ($52.5 last month)

Phone: $30 (fixed cost)

Internet: $0

Car Maintenance: $0 ($0 last month)

Fuel & Transport: $100.08 ($103.35 last month)

Health & Insurance: $31.90 ($77.39 last month)

Discretionary: $336.57 ($108.79 last month)

Total: $2,420 ($2,198 last month)

So many bills. But at least I’m still spending under $20 a day on food! Discretionary spending was up because I had to buy new work clothes. I figured it’s unprofessional to have my pants fall down all the time.


Still looking at a snowy holiday too.. Niseko was on the cards but flights have gotten more expensive in the past week. I may just wait for a deal – but I’ve only taken 3 days off work this year so I’m overdue.


I love snowboarding.


In summary: Spending is down in most areas – but thanks to a bunch of bills I’ve averaged a spend of $547 a week. I haven’t tried too hard to cut my spending on the little things – I’d rather focus on the big ticket items. Pound wise, penny foolish.

Now let’s make this cheap holiday happen.


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