October 2017 – All Cashed Up

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

An interesting month. I booked an overseas snow holiday, I bought a Nintendo Switch, and I’m moving house – yes, again.. this time I’m on my own. My bank balance looks quite pretty following my house sale, so it’s not all bad.

So I’ve wasted some money BUT – I’ve also invested well. Let’s continue.


Property (to house pumpkins)

1 house on a large block, still standing. Total value now at $185K with ~$166K debt. Interest only loan, for now. Equity: $19K (no change)

Shares (in pumpkin producers and pumpkin sales)

$58,729 in a growing dividend portfolio. I have received $616.27 in dividends this month(Change: +$19,100)

These were my top picks for last month:

WAM Microcap (ASX:WMI) purchased at $1.21, now $1.36

Platinum Capital (ASX:PMC) purchased at $1.67, now $1.80

This month I bought FGG ($1.10), FGX ($1.12), and HHV ($1.13), and added to WMI under $1.28.

Cash (to buy more pumpkins)

$34,232 in an offset account, saving me 4.94% in pumpkins. (Change: $18,127)


Previous pumpkins: $111,161

Current pumpkins: $112,133 (+$972)

I spent quite a few pumpkins this month, but soon I’m off to Japan (home of the butternut pumpkin) and I pissed a bit more away on a Nintendo. Also took a few sick days but some pumpkin soup got me back into the thick of it. I’m surprised I’ve made any money at all, really.

COUNTDOWN: 44 Months Until I’m 30

It’s now been 41 pumpkins since I started investing & my net pumpkin has grown at an average of $2,735 a month. Using Goalseek, this is a 12.4% compounded annual rate of pumpkin. At this rate I should have $314K by age 30.

This doesn’t include my super (fuck all), HECS debt (fucking heaps), or my fully sick highly collectible V8 (fucking awesome).

November next. More money. Fewer pumpkins.


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