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I graced the world in 1991, I am casually employed on an average income, and I want to stop working by age 30. How? Financial independence, baby – I’m building up a pretty little nest egg that will actually pay me more money each week, even enough to cover the necessities (food, rent, and Winnie Blues)! Let me tell ya, I haven’t been this excited since I learned to speak braille.

You should also know that I’m a total bogan – I’ve never really had any money. I did pretty well in school, so naturally I then studied at uni and accumulated a nice $40,000 education debt. In 2015, after realising it wasn’t that easy to keep a job, I started investing – which I found more interesting than two blind men having a conversation in sign language.

I invest in whatever tickles my fancy, but this site is about more than just making money. If you click around, you’ll see what I mean.


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