One of my hobbies, when I have time, is to make games & test my coding ability.

Some are shit, some are awesome.. all are highly recommended.

Bogan Technologies presents:

Planet 9

Planet 9 - Bogan Technologies.gif

Defend Earth and the rest of the solar system from mysterious bogan aliens.

Planet 9 is a work in progress, so for a limited time this game is available with all levels unlocked.

Smash the Avocado

Smash the Avo - Bogan Technologies.gif

In this early-morning thriller, no breakfast is safe as you’ll smash your own avocados on toast, build up your savings, and finally start climbing the property ladder. It may help if you read this article for a bit of pre-game motivation.

The Color Run

Color Run 1- Bogan Technologies.gif

Glowtastic color, illuminating bubbles, and bumping music will give runners an experience to remember. Race through the tropicolor zone, moving through your own colors all the way to the finish festival.


MasterClef - Bogan Technologies.gif

Levels upon levels of musical mayhem! Strike as many notes as you can – reach the target to level up in this chain reaction game.


Did you enjoy these games? Maybe you hated them? The best way to express your feelings is to donate. Don’t forget those 5 star ratings!


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